In today’s age of big data and smart devices, Cybersecurity no longer remains just an issue for the technology department of an organisation. Preserving financial information and intellectual property has become a crucial part of business strategy. Hence in order to protect networks, computer equipment and data from unintended and unauthorised access cybersecurity essentially involved the amalgamating of technologies, processes and practices.

Our cybersecurity compliance team is regarded as one of the leading cybersecurity law experts in India and has extensive experience in assisting clients with all aspects related to identification, reporting and mitigation cyber risks, this service offering includes helping clients assess network/data security gaps, assist in putting in place appropriate courter measures, cybersecurity and data handling polices and insurance coverage prior to an attack to dealing with the regulatory aspects of the aftermath of an attack. The team includes an experienced policy experts collaborating with cyber forensic experts with a unique blend of skills that span various practice areas to help clients deal with cybersecurity issues.

Our services with respect to cybersecurity include:

  • Conducting cybersecurity audits and due diligences;
  • Drafting and implementing organizational cybersecurity policies and manuals;
  • Advising on the Use of encryption and related regulatory approvals;
  • Assisting in implementing cybersecurity governance processes and solutions;
  • Advising on the recovery and protection of confidential information;
  • Crisis management and resilience;
  • Data protection and financial regulatory compliance;
  • International data transfers;
  • Litigating data security breach incidents;
  • Cyber Insurance issues for data breaches & other cyber risks;
  • Contracting with customers, service providers, and affiliates;
  • Privacy, data protection, and information management; and
  • Government Regulation and Legislation.

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