TechLegis draws upon the multi-disciplinary expertise of its tax consultants so that the optimum solution is found to clients’ requirements after thorough analysis of client situation, the applicable law and also likely impact of the advice on business from the perspective of cost, time, risks to reputation, disruption of services etc.

While the Indian government has in the recent past has declared its intent to move towards a unified taxation system by introducing GST, however unfortunately while excise duties, corporate and personal income tax rates are uniform across the country, sales tax, octroi and other levies actually vary between States due to the federal structure of the government. Besides, the applicable tax rates and compliance requirements also depend on business structure, the legal status of the corporate entity and nature of permanent establishment in India.

Additionally, the government has provided some exemptions to certain industries that enjoy specific tax exemptions provided they fulfil the stipulated conditions while on the other hand there are certain regulations and taxes are also subject to change each year under the provisions of the Union/State budgets.


In relation to cross-border taxation matters, the existence of Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) with some countries means that the applicability and provisions of the relevant DTAA need to be studied carefully before structuring the business and repatriating funds or determining the best investment route.

TechLegis is one of few technology law firms in India, providing specialized tax advisory services to IT and ecommerce companies from cross border and global taxation perspective.

Our consulting, advisory and compliance services related to direct and indirect taxation cover the following:

  • Commercial taxation (excise duty, customs duty, service tax)
  • Corporate, Personal Income & Capital Gains Taxes
  • International Taxation including transfer pricing
  • Tax Planning- Individual , Partnership (incl. LLP), Trusts and Company
  • Tax efficient structuring of ventures (inbound and outbound investments)
  • Taxation of cross-border transactions (including under country-specific DTAA)
  • Tax litigation – appearance and representation before Adjudication/ Appellate authorities and Tribunals
  • Liaison with Special Valuation Branch (SVB) for addressing valuation challenges related to determining “arm’s length pricing” in international transactions
  • Registration and compliance services under tax laws

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