The firm’s TMT Practice is internationally reputed and regularly awarded as one of the best TMT law firms in India. The team has represented a wide range of companies in connection with complex technology transactions and outsourcing of their requirements in areas such as procurement, manufacturing, logistics, network and software support. Lawyers from different practice groups in the firm work together to provide clients with comprehensive legal services required for successful business ventures.

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property law firm’s team has expertise in all areas of trade/service mark, trade secret, design, copyright and patent law. As a Leading Intellectual Property law firm in India, we advise our clients on selection, availability, use and registration of the same in India and globally. This practice area consists of several individuals with scientific backgrounds to facilitate patent prosecution. We have the expertise to negotiate on behalf of celebrities and draft relevant agreements.

Additionally, we advise on worldwide domain name disputes resolution and registration, on-line infringements other issues relating to Internet law mainly rooted from trade mark and copyright law. We also have attorneys who have extensive experience in the litigation of intellectual property conflicts. In addition, our team is also experienced in negotiating and drafting a variety of license agreements.


We help clients in enhancing their Intellectual Property portfolio in India. This would include a range of services from identifying key resources and creative aspects to the prosecution/protection of those key assets to examining and re-examining commercial models to leverage brand position.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, ensuring that the IP strategies of your organization are aligned with its overall long term business objectives is a continuous challenge. TechLegis’s Global IP portfolio management services enables you to make strategic decisions with confidence to protect and maximize the value of your IP, ensuring that your organizational processes are streamlined, there is internal collaboration and your go to market strategy is implemented quicker. In short at TechLegis, we enable you to prosecute, protect and commercialize your IP assets globally with correct knowledge support and confidence.

Our Intellectual Property Management Services are aimed at enabling you to successfully commercialize your Intellectual Property Assets and the objective is to promote innovation and encourage innovators to maximize their revenue with help of their IP assets. From conception to commercialization of intellectual property TechLegis’ Intellectual Property Management Services provides a platform to innovators, investors to identify, analyze and exploit IP to its full commercial potential.

In the recent past we have helped inventors, investors, entrepreneurs, startup organizations, universities and government bodies protect, prosecute and commercialize their IP and grow through technology transfers and global asset management strategies.


  • Intellectual Property Policy and Organizational IP Services
  • IP Analysis and Due Diligence
  • IP Audit
  • IP Agreements and Licensing
  • IP Portfolio Management

Patent Services

  • Prior Art Searches; Analysis and Landscaping
  • Freedom to Operate Analysis and Opinions
  • Patent Drafting, Filing and Prosecution
  • Infringement Analysis
  • Information Technology and Biotechnology Specialist Services
  • Patent Litigation

Trademark Services

  • Trademark Search and Analysis
  • Trademark Drafting, Filing and Prosecution
  • Trademark Opposition
  • Trademark Litigation

Online Brand Management

Our intellectual property law firm in India is totally responsible for handling the entire trademark portfolio of several leading companies from different parts of the world. These portfolios are personally monitored by a partner along with a co-ordinating attorneys and paralegals and maintained on computerized databases with interactive follow up not only in prosecution at the Registry level but also in other issues such as general survey of the market to identify counterfeiting or infringing or similar products, trademark watch services, amongst others.

Copyright, Media and Entertainment Advisory Services

Open Source License Analysis

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