TechLegis regularly advises clients on complex business, structuring, regulatory and legal issues connected and associated with E-commerce businesses, social media, cloud computing, virtual worlds, second life, user-generated content, open source, VoIP etc. The firm’s practice also covers advising entities and the government on regulation of social media, online social, commercial and cultural activities of the web users. We are recognised both nationally as well as internationally as one of the leading e-commerce lawyers / law firm for India.

The practice deals with complex issues relating to data protection, privacy, cross broader transfer of personally identifiable information and associated regulations in Europe, US and India. This includes advising clients on proper data handling policies, regarding retention, collection, use, security, and disposal of data and security of information during creation, storing, processing of information and transmission.

The practice involves assisting with the following on a regular basis:

  • Drafting Non-disclosure / Confidentiality and non-compete agreements;
  • Drafting website Terms of Use, disclaimers and privacy policies;
  • Advising clients on online product liability issues, Payment gateway and B2B contracts;
  • Drafting Bring Your Own Device (BYO) Policies, Employ technology use policies; employee e-surveillance and communication interception policies;
  • Drafting, negotiating and advising clients regarding teaming agreements, licensing contracts, hosting maintenance and development agreements, technology escrows, equipment leases, software maintenance and support contracts;
  • Advising clients on online business structuring, supply and distributorship contracts;
  • Advising clients on content ownership disputes, third party IP infringement issues
  • Advising clients on Information Technology Law violations
  • Advising, assisting and handholding clients through mergers and acquisition, joint ventures, aqui-heirs and seed funding issues

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