Brief Note on Draft Data Sovereignty Public Policy for Public Consultation

The policy document outlines several principles aimed at ensuring the preservation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty over its data while also fostering its development and utilization. One of the key principles mentioned is the encouragement of both local and foreign investment, particularly in the digital sector.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recognizes the significance of fostering a vibrant digital economy to drive economic growth, innovation, and diversification. To achieve this, the policy emphasizes the importance of creating an attractive and competitive investment environment supportive of private sector growth, both locally and internationally.

Key Points

1. Support for Local Digital Companies: The policy underscores the importance of empowering local digital companies that are working on developing national solutions and services using modern and future technologies. By supporting these companies, the Kingdom aims to enhance their competitiveness regionally and globally. This support can take various forms, including financial assistance, access to resources, mentorship programs, and providing a conducive regulatory environment for their growth.

2. Stimulating Innovation and Growth: Encouraging investment in the digital sector not only supports local companies but also stimulates innovation and growth in the economy as a whole. By fostering an environment conducive to innovation, the Kingdom aims to spur the development of new technologies, products, and services that can contribute to economic diversification and create new sources of income.

3. Development of the Digital Economy: The policy recognizes the importance of developing the digital economy as a strategic priority. This involves investing in infrastructure, fostering digital literacy, supporting research and development initiatives, and promoting entrepreneurship in the digital space. By nurturing the growth of the digital economy, the Kingdom seeks to position itself as a leader in the region and beyond, while also safeguarding its sovereignty over data.

4. Preventing Monopolistic Practices: The policy aims to prevent monopolistic practices in the digital sector, ensuring fair competition and a level playing field for all market participants. This involves implementing regulations and policies that promote competition, protect consumers, and encourage innovation. By fostering a competitive market environment, the Kingdom seeks to attract investment and drive the growth of the digital economy sustainably.


The principle of encouraging local and foreign investment in the digital sector is essential for achieving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s objectives of economic diversification, innovation, and growth, while also safeguarding its sovereignty over data. By supporting local digital companies, stimulating innovation, and creating a favorable investment climate, the Kingdom aims to position itself as a leading player in the global digital economy.